raining men


I wake up on Sunday morning feeling ravenous-the aftermath of having a little bit too much.
I attended a small, classy wedding the day before and though it was not rowdy like most Saturday days in Lagos, I had imbibed a lot of Hennessy.
I guess I thought I needed Dutch courage to face that ex that got away. He did not show up though,but another ex of mine did. Guess my sins will not stop haunting me( ?)
So,back to my Sunday morning predicament, the only thing I craved was chicken and chips. Luckily,along my bus stop, there are like three eateries.
So, with bed head and a makeup-free face, I throw on a pair of jeans and a top and set out on the quest for my desired breakfast. I get to the first eatery, they don’t have it. No problem,on to the next one, I say to myself.
 As I make my way to the second restaurant , I hear a car behind me honking. It’s a Sunday morning, no traffic so I do not think much of it.
On my way back, this black jeep pulls up beside me and the driver calls out to me. He tells me he’s been watching me and that he’s been honking his horn, trying to get my attention.
He offers to take me where I’m going. My first instinct is to just ignore him, coupled with the fact that I still did not have my chicken and chips at hand. However,life is just so crazy. You can never tell whose help you may need tomorrow. So I try to be polite as possible, even though from all indications,this man looked married. I tell him I’m fine,give him my number and send him on his way.
It turns out that I will have to make do with chicken Caesar salad(sigh). I later learn the man is separated and has a son. However,I have made it clear I cannot offer anything more than friendship. Plus,he’s so not my type. His situation is so much similar to that of my ex- a blow I’m yet to fully recover from.
I was planning on meeting someone whose contact I got on a radio station segment, after chatting for two weeks with this person,he already claims he’s in love with me(rolls eyes). He texts me this morning saying he can’t come over to our proposed meeting place and that I should come over to his place instead. Er,no thanks. I’ll just curl up in my bed with my nose buried in the Kamdora website (Wink)
Ironic that I’m getting all this attention from men I don’t want. Still, I will be ready with my umbrella when it starts raining with the kind of men I want. I guess it’s a reminder that someone else will treasure what you regard as trash.
Ladies, it doesn’t matter how many times you’ve had your hearts broken or been treated badly. There is someone out there who wants a chance to be with you,hold you and never let go.
Thinking of seeing a movie later, What do you recommend,ladies??
Author: Kemi Thomas
Facebook: Kemi Thomas
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