Five Ways to Make Your Braids Last Longer

Five Ways to Make Your Braids Last Longer

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Five ways to make your braids last longer

We all love braids now don’t we? They offer that sleek natural look while also giving you versatility with the many styles if one is creative. However as much as we all love braids, we can agree that installing braids is both time consuming and then with the economic recession, quite expensive especially if you want yours done properly. So how does one make their braids last longer in order to save time and money?

  1. Avoid over styling

The various hairstyle options are probably one of the major attractions of braiding ones hair. I love to play around with my braids as much as the next lady but when we constantly move our braids; it causes our hair to pull and makes the braids looser. Hence while we explore the various hairstyles, we must be careful to avoid constantly changing our braid styles.

  1. Sleep with A Hairnet

This option is perhaps the easiest tip to employ. Sleeping with a hair net or scarf protects your hair from the friction caused by moving or turning while we sleep hence keeping your braids intact.

  1. Trim those stray hairs

One way to keep your braids looking fresh even after a while is to constantly trim all those hairs that like to stick out so as to avoid looking scruffy. In this method, a pair of scissors is your best friend.

  1. Re-do the front braids

Re-plaiting your front braids not only keeps your braids looking neat but also prevents your baby hairs from overly falling off. Now when braiding, I tell my hair stylist to leave my baby hairs alone, however some of them can be quite stubborn. Hence when I notice my front hair pulling out, I just redo my braids.

  1. Try Braid weaves

A highly recommend and cost effective option would be to try the braided weave. It saves so much time as you can just pop it on your head and you’re good to go. Not to mention seeing as it’s a wig, you won’t have to worry too much about maintenance.


Finally, make sure your oil your scalp from time to time so as to keep it looking shiny, clean and free from Dandruff because nobody wants that.


What tips do you employ to make your braids last longer?


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