Weekend Ideas From Instagram Sensation King Cartier!

Weekend Ideas From Instagram Sensation King Cartier!
Credit: Instagram (@kingcartier88)
Credit: Instagram (@kingcartier88)

Ever heard of one King Cartier of the most influential fashion bloggers on Instagram and her amazing outfit ideas? Well, she is always on point with her ideas. She is very realistic with her ideas and relatable as well.

One main reason why I love weekend is wearing shorts or slim-fit denim.There is always a classy way to rock denim with the platform heels and cute classy bags. Here, you don’t have to be strict like the work days. This is the perfect time to rock a fringe bag or a basic white tee over a denim. There’s a lot of styles to try out over the weekend with King Cartier’s outfit ideas!

Here are King Cartier’s outfit ideas for the weekend!

16585136_1230380783746839_6248661233625464832_nStyle 1

16464180_1867490616819506_7488637825491927040_nStyle 2

14583248_1904986263068816_6807809316356096000_nStyle 3

16229181_1640520879583747_5828210701583253504_nStyle 4

16230279_937334566404141_908384114225184768_nStyle 5

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