The Man Behind ‘Sarz On The Beat’ Tells Kamdora He Is Single and 5 Things He’s Looking For In His Next Girlfriend!

The Man Behind ‘Sarz On The Beat’ Tells Kamdora He Is Single and 5 Things He’s Looking For In His Next Girlfriend!


Just about everyone has jammed to a ‘Sarz On The Beat’/ ‘Beats By Sarz’ song!

Yes, he is the very same. I decided that since he’s so low-key, we should try to get him out of his shell and have him open up a little.

Originally named Osaretin Osabuiohen, he was born in Benin City, Edo state and the 28 year old has made quite the name for himself in the entertainment industry as a ‘Record Producer’ Extraordinaire.

This man has worked with every major name in the industry right now and has all the celebrities seeking him out.

So wasn’t I pleasantly surprised to find that this artistic genius is single! Oh yes ladies (apply within and maybe we will pass it on).

In any case, we dug deeper and tried to find out the reasons why a fine boy like Sarz should be single;

”I’m not a fine Boy ohh! *lol* but I believe it will happen when it happens”

We got curious as to what exactly Sarz is looking for in the next woman he dates, seeing as how he has nothing against relationships.

These are 5 things that he’s looking for in his next girlfriend:

1. She has to be easy to look at: 

For a chance with Sarz, you need to be well pt together, well groomed and generally pleasing to the eyes.

2. She needs a good sense of humour:

So even though the great Sarz is rumored to be quite shy, he apparently also has a great sense of humor. He says he’s looking for a woman thats not afraid to laugh and can make him laugh.

3. A Good Sense of Religion and Life In General:

If your’e not grounded then you can’t hang with this hottie. He’s a Christian and wants a woman who is in touch with her spirituality. 

4. Be Supportive:

His job takes him to a lot of places and exposes him to a lot of people. He wants a woman who will encourage and support his career genuinely.

5. Interesting Conversations are a ‘Must’:

A woman that can keep a conversation going is a blessing. This man wants a woman who can hold her own and keep him engaged.


So ladies, there you have it. This mega talented man is still on the market!

As the 2016 proverbial saying goes; ‘Shoot you shot while you still can’.


Follow him on Social media:

Instagram: @beatsbysarz

Twitter: @beatsbysarz

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