The Magic Of The First Dance At a Nigerian Wedding!

The Magic Of The First Dance At a Nigerian Wedding!

The first dance is a tradition from weddings around the world which originated from American and European culture. It is part of the post-wedding celebration at the couple’s wedding reception party. They are to entertain their wedding guests with either rehearsed, choreographed or freestyle dance. In the past, the dance was not danced alone. It is usually danced with other wedding guests including the newlywed’s parents, siblings, bridal party, grooms party and others in attendance.

first dance

These days Nigerian couple have stepped up their game with their choice of wedding dance. The first dance is not just a dance anymore. They go all to surprise their weddings guests. We have even seen many Nigerian couples, both home and abroad wedding video going viral around the globe while dancing to their favourite Afrobeats songs or even Salsa. 

We once did a wedding dance compilation song list. Are you looking for ideas on what song you and your other half should dance to? or even inspiration on what song you should plan your choreography around? Why not check out the list here

first dance

No matter what type of couple you and your partner are, you will definitely find something you can go with. From the traditional couple to the more modern “Skelewu” couple. You will not be disappointed. Trust us.

However, if you have a special request such as dancing Salsa as your surprise first dance, we also have you covered. Please feel free to nudge us, so we can curate the relevant content for you and your other half. 


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