Guide: How To Dress For A Job Interview

Guide: How To Dress For A Job Interview

job interviewHow to dress for a Job Interview

With job interviews, first impressions are everything and once lost, they can never be fixed. Now whether you like it or not, your mode of dressing is as crucial as the qualifications you have for the job. The key is to dress the way you want to be addressed always. So what does one exactly wear to an interview? Well this post will guide you on how to find the most appropriate attire for the job in question.

  1. Research organization

It’s easy to opt for a suit but these days there is more leniency for work fashion. Before you decide on what to wear research the organization and understand the organizational culture. While wearing a black suit for a civil service job would be appropriate, if you’re going for an interview in the fashion industry that might not work.

  1. Overdress

It is better to be overdressed than under dressed. So when in doubt always go for the safer option.

  1. Modest is the hottest

Avoid see through clothing like lace and sheer tops. Stick to knee length skirts and dresses.  If you even have to ask if it’s too short, then don’t wear it. Wear appropriate undergarments to avoid panty lines and wobbly bits.

  1. Fitted clothes

You want your clothes to be tight enough to show you’re a lady but loose enough to show you’re responsible. If you can’t bend without displaying body parts then you might want to revise your outfit option.

  1. Avoid bright colours

Stick to solid colours and neutrals while avoiding overly bright colours. Also work with colours that complement each other rather than colours that contrast. How would you react if your banker wore a red suit and yellow tie as he tried to convince you to bank with him? Being extremely fashionable does not always translate to a job interview setting.

  1. Simplicity is the best

It’s important to look ones best without going over the top. Hence it is advisable to stick with neutral and warm makeup looks. Avoid overly long eye lashes or eyelashes in general. You do not want to cake your face with power and please stay away from bold lipstick colors like; red, blue and purple. As for hair, nothing over the top or too colorful. Think professional, always.

  1. Clean Ironed clothes

Make sure your clothes are properly washed and ironed. Check for stains and rips, it’s important to look clean and tidy because this could show how you would handle the job if hired.

  1. Practical shoes

Leave those six inch heels at home and those sling back or open toes are too sexy for an interview as well. You want practical shoes, advisably below three inches. Hence a good pair of pumps is your best bet.

  1. Comfort is Key

Finally, if you are not comfortable, then please don’t wear it. The image of confidence is what you want to project. So opt for something that makes you calm, comfortable and ready to win your employer over.


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