Marriage Proposal Goes Wrong Live!

Marriage Proposal Goes Wrong Live!

marrriage proposal

Marriage proposal is amazing and always seems to catch the bride-to-be off her guard. Her other half has gone out of his way to plan it with the hope of impressing his girlfriend. After asking the big question “Will you marry me?” (the scariest four letter words of his adult life). He then quietly awaits her reply whereby she says “Yes” over and over again while she’s either kissing him or hugging him. She cant wait to spend the rest of life with the man her heart has chosen and ecstatic he feel exactly the same way about her. 

This marriage proposal recording actually started off on the right path, then something interfered with the perfectly laid plans. What happens next is what makes us giggle …lol. Truly a marriage proposal gone wrong. We actually feel sorry for the boyfriend who proposed. Oh well, its not entirely his fault. These things do happen.

Watch the Marriage Proposal Below:

Let us know what you would do if you are neither of the couple in question. 

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