25 Modern Wedding Cakes Designed By Nigerian Baker Dainty Affairs Bakery!

25 Modern Wedding Cakes Designed By Nigerian Baker Dainty Affairs Bakery!

A modern wedding cake is high in demand in 2017 by Nigerian brides. For many Brides-to-be, there simply is no wedding without a wedding cake regardless of how small/intimate the wedding is. The wedding cake even for a Nigerian bride is a reflection of her style and taste hence why it is important to choose the right wedding cake designer.

A cake designer who can not only bake well but decorate excellently well too. There is nothing worse than looking forward to eating a beautifully decorated wedding cake and it tastes really horrible.

The modern wedding cake pictures below are by Dainty Affairs bakery. They are for real life Nigerian weddings, brides and all by a Nigerian wedding cake designer. Whether you are a simple but modern bride or even a modern but elegant bride or even complex but modern bride, you will definitely be inspired by them.

See Images of Modern Wedding Cake Below
modern wedding cake
Vibrant Anakara wedding cake
modern wedding cake
3 Tier wedding cake and gold sugar art border
modern wedding cake
White wedding cake with realistic looking sugar flowers
modern wedding cake
Red daisy petal classy and elegant wedding cake with bow detailing and colourful candy sprinkles.
modern wedding cake
Intricate Cake details of a bird on a tree
modern wedding cake
White wedding cake with silver detailing and bow sugar art finishing




The Bride asked for “50 Shades of Blue” wedding cake
Modern wedding cake with feathers, pearls and jewel detailing.
Lace and bow sugar art blush pink modern wedding cake



Modern day feathered inspired wedding cake
Nautical / Military Inspired Wedding Cake

14591938_137928176669714_7003530348969590784_n6 Tier modern wedding cake inspired by the Middle East

Wedding Cake design for a bride who did not want flowers on it. It showcases her personality and expresses her style.
Versace inspired wedding cake with gold detailing handpainted

15251778_342719189439222_9064553462032760832_nVintage wedding cake with white and gold sugar flower design

Simple, Elegant and Clean Wedding Cake with rose and daisy petals sugar flower.


Luxury wedding cake with daisy petal and bling.

Enchanted wedding theme inspired cake separated with bling chandelier for interesting visual balance
Clean and Classy Wedding Cake Design with sugar flower



Wedding Cake Designer: @daintyaffairsbakery

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