Asoebi Styles #111: Uptown Collection!

Asoebi Styles #111: Uptown Collection!

uptown collectionAsoebi is for those who know and love big weddings! Women love to adorn themselves in native attires from the geles to the shoes! abi who doesn’t want to slay? Uptown weddings here in Lagos embraces the hottest styles you have ever known because that’s when ladies love to flaunt their Asoebis in numbers!

One thing to note though, for every Asoebi to turn out great, always insist on good quality fabrics, a good choice of colour, the perfect style and a professional who can interpret the style properly.

Let’s check out these three hot styles here!

16110989_232940607156002_861666384852025344_n-1Credit via Instagram @adunola

15877455_1385978244808434_3225435476252950528_nCredit via Instagram @jenniecouture


Credit via Instagram @sophie_ash

For more uptown hotness, don’t forget to impress others by clicking on the red tag for inspiring styles!


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