Amazing Moments Of First Lady Of The U.S Michelle Obama In Pictures!

Amazing Moments Of First Lady Of The U.S Michelle Obama In Pictures!
amazing moments with michelle obama
Michelle Obama with the l,ove of her life, Barack Obama

At least for the time being, Michelle Obama “the lady of the South-South” is still the FLOTUS (First Lady Of The United States) just before the inauguration of the new president-elect, Donald Trump and his wife, Melania Trump tomorrow.

Looking at her achievements so far, Michelle has shown courage, strength, love and the epitome of true leadership. Pictures can’t explain enough the amazing moments she  touched lives either by travelling to African countries like Liberia, Kataka, Marrakech, Morroco etc. for a campaign on female education with her two daughters-Malia and Sasha, empowering women all over the USA and beyond, showing her feminine side by going shopping with Ellen de Generes, being a pillar of support to her husband and family, supporting the women in the armed forces, giving out speeches that touched lives among other uncountable moments. We celebrate some of her best moments with these few pictures!

Need we say more? Well, let the pictures celebrate some of her best moments!

13658631_1380843871929781_1305565069_nPOTUS and FLOTUS flirting on his birthday.

15803652_1271754789555285_6098156212249952256_nMajor throwback with the family when they were really young.

14360116_331893357148390_1335854308_nFLOTUS with world funniest Ellen de Generes!

13129539_1717530775174820_11155615_nTaking a selfie with the woman in the armed forces!

15802280_570413869836643_3845061543234371584_nOn her birthday with her two buddies!

13413328_871045639667145_1968872334_nWith Oprah Wilson!

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