Corporate Drapes #379: You Are Worth It!

Corporate Drapes #379: You Are Worth It!
know your worth in the corporate environment
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It’s important to know your worth in the corporate environment. It’s good to know where you fall in the hierarchy so you can know how “valuable” you are to your employers. Being valuable starts off with you. Know your worth, know your abilities, talents, what makes you fit for that position and don’t let others underestimate you for it.

This is the starting point of the “girl power” knowing your self-worth and being confident in it. Self-worth comes from accepting your flaws and working to be better, taking criticisms and turning it to eulogies. Love what you do and be so good at what you do that you will be irreplaceable. No employer would want to take out such a “valuable” employee regardless. There’s still room for change and better improvements!

Get it right in style and confidence because you are worth that pay, position, and respect. For more confident looks, check out the styles we have for you by clicking the red tag!


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