Corporate Drapes #378: Looking “Smart” To Meetings

Corporate Drapes #378: Looking “Smart” To Meetings

styles for meetingsThere is no way to stop meetings if you are in the corporate environment. Meetings will always hold as usual on Mondays, what about meetings with your clients and also pitching to big time investors?

You can’t fully celebrate the girl power without earning your respect and stepping up your style game. When attending a very formal meeting, consider the type of audience there, your style should be simple and formal not revealing.Remember that first impression matters a lot and when you enter a meeting to make a presentation, all “eyes” are on you firstly, on what you are wearing or what you look like before you will be listened to.

Let this not bother you because we have hot styles to make you look smart for that meeting. Check them out!


Look 1: Tuxedo dress and a pop of colour!


Look 2: Monochrome shirt dress and a court heels


Look 3: Bold color flared top and blending it through with one of the colours on it.

Picture credit via Instagram @debrasgrace

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