See Laide Olayinka And Morayo Abiodun Pre-Wedding Photo shoot – “Our Chemistry Is Real”!

See Laide Olayinka And Morayo Abiodun Pre-Wedding Photo shoot – “Our Chemistry Is Real”!

Our Chemistry is Real! Mr And Mrs Abiodun to be pre-wedding photo shoot is just full of it. The Chemistry between lovers is a mutual feeling.  “A connection, bond or common feeling between two people which stimulates love”

It’s of popular believe that people should marry their best friend, biggest fan and someone they can be themselves around. In short someone they have natural chemistry with. These couple’s pre-wedding photo shoot definitely reveals that. Effortless synergy between these lovebirds who clearly cant wait to spend the rest of their lives together.

On that note, we bring to you Laide Olayinka and Morayo Abiodun pre-wedding photo shoot. This Nigerian couple are set to get married this weekend. Do you agree they have natural chemistry or are my eyes reading their body language wrong? Judge for yourself below.

Our Chemistry is real- Mr And Mrs Abiodun Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot


I’m His Biggest Fan. No, She’s my biggest fan.
Speak Life to me
We are both taken.

Kiss me all day long.

Yes baby, I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you too.


mr and mrs abiodun






We look forward to bringing you the official wedding pictures of Mr And Mrs Abiodun. #derayo2017


Photography: @awgz.married @jgatesvisuals

Wedding Planner: @stopgapevents

Couple: @mopanache @olaide_ola

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