Mr & Mrs Hammond Biracial Wedding In England “Best Day of My Life”!

Mr & Mrs Hammond Biracial Wedding In England “Best Day of My Life”!
mr and mrs hammond
Kate and Jeff dancing Shoki to Yemi Alade’s “Johnny” as first dance.

Mr and Mrs Hammond biracial wedding. We bring to you Bride Katy and Her Groom Jeff who got married on the 8th of September, 2016 in Brocton Hall in England. A beautiful 19th Century Georgian Mansion/castle with a golf course as well as clubhouse in Brocton, Staffordshire, England.

The biracial couple’s wedding was truly beautiful. Katy, a dancer even joked about how she got her wedding inspiration from Pinterest including the wedding decor and wedding colour scheme. Pinterest is a really good starting point for wedding inspo, we couldnt agree more. They were surrounded by family and friends. 

See below what Katy said about their big day. 

 “I am still on cloud 9 right now ☁️ We have had the best day of our lives. Every minute was incredible. We are both so blessed to have such wonderful family & friends. The energy all day was beautiful. I am so proud to marry Jeff and take his surname. Anyone that knows us knows our journey has had some bumpy times, but we have grown through it all. I know with the support of the beautiful souls around us we will continue to grow in our marriage. Biggest thank you to everyone who came and made it so special ?”

Mr And Mrs Hammond Wedding Pictures Below:
Brocton Castle, England.
Brocton Golf Course, England.


Mr And Mrs Hammond
Groom Jeff Hammond tearful over the arrival of his Bride-to-be Kate
Mr And Mrs Hammond
Mr And Mrs Hammond







Kate and Her Dad.



Mr And Mrs Hammond
Mr And Mrs Hammond

Mr And Mrs Hammond Honeymoon in Maldives

mr and mrs hammond
Mr & Mrs Hammond at the Airport on their way to Maldives.


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