3 things Janerika Livingstone Did To Lose Weight: Weight Loss Inspo!

3 things Janerika Livingstone Did To Lose Weight: Weight Loss Inspo!


In Janerika’s words; “January 2016, I was tucking and hiding that stomach, fast forward January 2017, I’m like wasssuuuuppp”.

Talk about confidence and she has every reason on God’s green earth to be. Before I give you her pictures, a few fun things for you to note:

  • She lost weight over the period of one year. It was not one day, one month, one second. She took her time and tried to keep her eye on the prize and she got it.
  • She did not give up when she wasn’t seeing results at first- if she did, she would have lost only 3kg at best (and then put on about 6)
  • She is still working out today even though her body is now banging! Because she opted for a ‘lifestyle change and not a yo-yo diet’

Just here doing my job to help you get the facts straight. Make a decision today, don’t convince yourself that you will start tomorrow.

Yes, I am talking to you.

Stop ignoring me.

Are you comfortable with your body?

Do you have to calculate which angle to sit, stand or pose before you look good?

Are you currently thinking about some really bad food for you? Please drink water and hang on a second. 

Moral of the story, start today.


Give it up for Janerika Livingstone guys!

Photo Credit: Instagram @firstladypenelope

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