Daily Inspiration: In The Midst Of Fear

Daily Inspiration: In The Midst Of Fear

fearFear like I once read “is the payment of a debt you do not owe”. There are many fears binding the human mind such as; the fear of the unknown, the fear of being exposed to open places, the fear of falling in love, the fear of giving birth, the fear heights, it’s an endless ridiculous list of fears!

Whatever your fear is, always remember it is the trick of the mind, your mind is trapped to something that it feels you as a person can’t do. Remember, it’s a payment of a debt you don’t owe! Encourage yourself because words are powerful, words heal, words lifts you up. Believe that you CAN and you will see it happening. Trust in your abilities and they will guide you through the harsh torment of fear. Commune with God and depend on Him because fear is a tool of the enemy (devil) to defeat you in yor endeavours!


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