How To Actually Achieve Your Goals This New Year (2017)!

How To Actually Achieve Your Goals This New Year (2017)!


Every year, we make a list of the things that we want to start, stop or continue and that’s great! But most of the time, we never see it through and here are a few reasons why.

1 We never make concrete plans towards such goals

2 We hardly ever write down in ‘permanent places’

3 We make no plans for accountability

4 We don’t know the importance of the first day of the year.


It is not very simple to dump all your bad habits in the previous year especially when the previous year was just another ‘yesterday’. So what do we do to help stay on track for the new year?

  1. Remember that the very first day is key. Skipping new years day on for example; a workout is essentially giving the rest of your year license to be skipped. Trust me, its the truth. The minute you make it seem slightly ‘unimportant’ or ‘not that serious’, it will stop being so.
  2. Write it down: And not just on some random A4 paper. Make serious notes in a SERIOUS DIARY. The chances of you checking that diary are a lot higher than searching through the bag you took to ‘cross over service’ for your new year resolutions.
  3. List your ‘Goals’ first, then list your ‘Key Activities’: What this means is don’t just write a list and say; Goal- Lose weight. Instead, break it down. If the goal is to lose weight, what are the key activities? What would you have to cut out? What would you have to keep doing? What should your workout and meal plan be like. Write it all down and then look at it every morning.
  4. Accountability: Who do we ever hold ourselves accountable to? Trust me, it is really important and different systems work for different people. For some telling a ‘workout buddy’ changes a whole lot and for some others, telling the Ex that called them fat that they will be slim by a certain period kind of does something to their drive. Whatever it is, hold yourself accountable to your goals.

Just because all the analysts in Nigeria have said the year 2017 will be this and that does not mean that is so. Make your own year. Achieve your goals.

Kanyinsola Ojeshina
Writer and Content creator, avid reader, social caterpillar, lawyer in equity, all round creative mind and lover of God. Twitter- @kanyeeo Instagram- @kanyeeo email-

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