Working Through Work

Working Through Work
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So, we had our end of the year get together and the usual award giving rituals were observed. The best staff, the best dressed et al. I work in an environment where there are strict dress codes. Uniforms, moderate make-up, demure hairstyles and black shoes. 

It’s safe to say that during award giving days like these, most times,  your relationship with the boss highly influences your chances of winning prizes. Yes, in most places of work, you have the snitches, the bootlickers , and those who in the name of ‘doing the job’, deliberately make their colleagues look bad. One particular award was given to a staff who had just joined the team in August. It was the award for the overall best staff. While the manager explained her reason for choosing this staff, she did not forget to mention that she chose her because most of her team mates were not happy with this staff. Like seriously? 

I’m not an expert on the criteria for giving awards but the above scenario shows everything that is wrong with management in this country. Sentiment is attached to basically everything. I have had an issue with this staff in which she bore false witness against me in front of said manager and I chose to let it go so as not to cause more trouble. Oh I forgot to add that this manager is not our direct boss. We are contracted by the company being managed by this woman. So, being an informant and butt kisser to someone who doesn’t pay your salary isn’t quite the way to move up. 

The world is tough enough as it is. You make enemies without meaning to. Let it be known however that one cannot progress by bringing others down. Even though it may be good for your ego,  you don’t need any award to validate your efforts. Make the few friends you can at your work place. With time, they become you little family outside your home.  In as much as you do what you are to do, when you are meant to do it and in the right way, it’s just a matter of time before you are noticed.The reward of God and posterity is that which matters most. 

Wishing you all a beautiful 2017.

Kemi Thomas 

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