IJGB: My Thoughts On R and R Luxury Black Body Soap When I Tried It Out….

IJGB: My Thoughts On R and R Luxury Black Body Soap When I Tried It Out….


So, I am back again with another review of a Made-in -Nigeria products for all my fellow IJGB (I Just Got Back) in Nigeria at the moment either visiting for Christmas or New Year holiday. 

Surely this is the best time to discover new Nigerian brands and start preparing your list of what to buy before heading back to your various countries.

About R and R Luxury:

R&R is a family run business, with a vision to share 100% Natural, Made in Africa products with the rest of the world. R&R products contain no parabens, no artificial colours or mineral oils……Read more HERE

My Thoughts:

I wonder nobody ever introduced me to this product before now! Lately, I have been loving natural bath products, tried several brands which were not the best but I must say R and R Luxury grabbed my heart.

I remember using black soap when I was a child and then I used to be very obsessed with the smell. Well, I can say this black soap brings back childhood memories. To me, this simply means they didn’t add any artificial perfume to the product which to my surprise lots of brand has adopted.

The soap is very consistent: not too watery or thick. It doesn’t leave your bathroom with lasting stain. That’s one thing I noticed with some other brands I’ve tried so far.

So, from a scale of 1 to 10, it’s surely a 9/10 for me. The brand also has different range of products, so you should definitely check their other products out.

Until next time with another review.

Maryam Salam
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