Santa Madea!: Big and Beautiful Christmas Inspo

Santa Madea!: Big and Beautiful Christmas Inspo

I know Madea was just recently our big and beautiful inspo but this is not Madea. Not just Madea anyway, this is Santa Madea.

This is the plus sized, black, female Santa Claus that really knows who has been naughty or nice (just like our Mothers) and is not afraid to give a badly behaved child a good whooping if the need arises.

Madea is confident enough to walk around dressed as Santa and be totally unbothered about what people think.

This is the confidence that we all ought to have. I don’t know about you but 2017 is the year that I work towards that.


Merry Christmas my Big and Beautiful sisters! Here is to stepping into the new year like a bag of Money!

Kanyinsola Ojeshina
Writer and Content creator, avid reader, social caterpillar, lawyer in equity, all round creative mind and lover of God. Twitter- @kanyeeo Instagram- @kanyeeo email-

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