Asoebi Styles for Christmas: “Alwaz Adorable” Family

Asoebi Styles for Christmas: “Alwaz Adorable” Family

Asoebi Styles for Christmas do not have to be boring. Christmas is the time of the year families come together. I remember growing up looking forward to my Asoebi with my siblings, parents and sometimes cousins. This is still one of the biggest highlights of Christmas for Nigerian families home and abroad. You see an entire family turning up to church or a Christmas party in their matching  Christmas Asoebi Styles.

Check out this beautiful “Alwaz Adorable” family Christmas colour (red and green) Asoebi Agbada style. The mum can be spotted wearing a matching ‘agbada’ with her son and daughter. How adorable do they look?  They definitely took me back to my childhood. In a good way, though … Growing up is actually a scam … lol


alwaz-2Photo Credit Instagram: @alwaz_adorable

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