Daily Inspiration: The Secret Is Consistency

Daily Inspiration: The Secret Is Consistency

the secret is consistencyConsistency is a very important attribute every achiever should imbibe. It’s almost impossible to be consistent but the truth is IT IS. The key to achieving your dreams is to be consistent about what you are working on. Consistency requires diligence, concentration, and a lot of faith in your chosen career, passion or whatever it is you find yourself doing.

One sentence I read from the Bible changed my whole orientation forever “seest thou a man diligent (or consistent) in his work, he shall stand before kings and not mean men”. There is a whole lot to learn from this sentence. Let’s break it down, when you keep doing what you love to do with a whole lot of hard work and consistency, you get connected to highly placed people. People not even in your calibre just because you are good at what you do and you keep doing it.

Consistency pays (ask aSerena Williams, Donald Trump or anyone on the weight loss journey). They will give you in details what they have been through to get the results they have. Consistency is key and it pays well!

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