Is It a Good Idea To Hook My Friend Up With My Boss?

Is It a Good Idea To Hook My Friend Up With My Boss?

Your Boss is Tall, Dark, Handsome, Funny, Adventurous, Well-Mannered and also Ambitious. You have spent some time with him and you know very well that he’s single and a girl in his life will make his life complete. He’s such a perfect gentleman and you have a friend just as perfect for him.

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We’ve all been at that point where we know two people who don’t know each other but we think would be perfect for one another. We then think to ourselves. ‘Hmmm… I know, I think I should connect Person A to Person B then they will live happily ever after.’

Wrong! Wrong!! Wrong!!! You know why? Life does not work like that. Just because they both seem perfect or even compatible does not mean they will work as a couple due to “Individual differences”. There is so much you don’t know about them and you can only vouch for them as a friend or a boss and not in a relationship setting (boyfriend/girlfriend) or better yet lovers because you have never dated them. You don’t know what wound or hurt from the past they are nursing individually. You don’t even know if their values, love language or future aspirations match.

So is it a bad idea to hook up your friend with your boss? Well, there is no right or wrong answer. To be honest, before you can even hook your friend up with your boss, your boss has to be a friend of yours. It now all depends on the maturity and compatibility of the people in question. Is your friend the type of person who will blame you if their relationship doesn’t work out? Are you willing to lose your friend over this? Or will your boss punish you again if the relationship doesn’t work out by either making your life miserable or in extreme cases- fire you? When it comes to matters of the heart, you can’t always be too sure how someone will react. 


Well, we can also look on the bright side. Imagine they make it down the aisle, start a family and live happily ever, after- all thanks to your ingenious matchmaking skills. Yes, you are cupid and you just made someone happy. Lol … Well, maybe you just got lucky with this one. It does not mean you should start a matchmaking business. However, if you happen to have succeeded in matchmaking multiple couples in the past who made it down the aisle and are still together years later? Then maybe it’s time you to give up your day job and open a matchmaking business and find some lonely hearts, someone to heal and love them back.

Let us know your thoughts on this topic. Have you successfully or unsuccessfully hooked two people up? What was the outcome and what lessons did you learn from it? We will love to hear from you.


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