Asoebi Styles #106: For The Love Of Weddings!

Asoebi Styles #106: For The Love Of Weddings!


Saturdays are for weddings and Asoebi must be involved! Now that it’s getting closer and closer to Christmas, there would be parties, family reunion etc. To be the perfect catch at any wedding ceremony is to be on your A-game.

First things first, get the best professional hands to get your clothes done, makeup and gele perfectly done. Matching the perfect colour is everything when it comes to slaying at the Asoebi parties!

15534897_844221779053123_3964270160126148608_nCredit via Instagram @tebitarafabrics

14566728_427350097655674_8855516428778864640_nCredit via Instagram @jummyboyte

15538309_1174781532608030_7003404162830434304_nCredit via Instagram @furehx


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