What to Say During Sex!

What to Say During Sex!


Lol, sooooo- this post is for all those fakers that feel the need to scream, yell and speak in tongues in the throes of passion (while having sex). We totally understand that when it’s good, you say things you never thought you would (heat of the moment and all that jazz). Some people even say certain things intentionally because they know that’s what their partner wants to hear and that’s fine too. The people we have a problem with are the ones ‘new to the game’, who make noises very similar to the ones you hear in American comedies- only; they don’t know its funny.

Just because you saw people screaming all sorts of rubbish on TV does not mean you should do the same. Usually, some women scream when they are nearing or at their orgasm. Screaming before this is very unnecessary and you may not know this but your man can probably tell you’re trying too hard.

No one is saying don’t talk or make sounds because you are not a robot and body no be firewood but kindly say what you feel or want your man to feel instead of alarming the neighbours for no just cause.

Trust us on this- if you are constantly making a whole lot of noise when he has only so much as poked you, he will know that you are phoney. 

On that note, enjoy yourself and unless you really have to scream, your moans (and/plus/or- dirty talk) will do just fine.

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