Friday Night Styles #47: Stylish With Dreyah!

Friday Night Styles #47: Stylish With Dreyah!

14733236_1785018998379261_8504746930750881792_nI have love for ladies who are independent and know how to make things work for them.Dreya is one Instagram sensation that would take your breath away especially if you are the type that likes partying.

Well, here are five stylish moments to take away from Dreya! Find her via Instagram @ms_bentivegas
14730561_1622882678017474_6981440928439336960_nCredit via Instagram @ms_bentivegas

14561791_886360508164813_9005951218849153024_nCredit via Instagram @ms_bentivegas

14709437_1595483824080634_4506478483819462656_nCredit via Instagram @ms_bentivegas

14733236_1785018998379261_8504746930750881792_nCredit via Instagram via @ms_bentivegas

14718137_548285408698402_8861898982108954624_nCredit via Instagram @ms_bentivegas

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