Try This Sexy Smoothie To Improve Your Sex Drive

Try This Sexy Smoothie To Improve Your Sex Drive
Sexy Black Couple - Photo Credit
Sexy Black Couple – Photo Credit

We Nigerians are ashamed of talking about sex because of our socio-cultural environment. As a result of this, more and more people are losing their sex drive (libido). Some of the reasons people are losing their sex drive in our community are to blamed on our lifestyle such as the food and drinks we consume. What we put in our body has a big impact on how our body works. Yes, you heard me right. 

Well, you need to worry less from now on as I’m about to start introducing you to natural aphrodisiacs to awaken your libido. As the sex goddess that I am … lol … For these recipes to work, you might need to reduce or completely stop your alcohol consumption as it lowers your sex drive. By the way, this also applies to your partner. Try this berry Smoothie recipe below which has high zinc content.

Did You know that Zinc mineral is the nutrient which is most associated with sex? Well, Berries such as Strawberries and raspberries have very high Zinc content as well as Vitamin C which cleanses the kidney and liver. As a woman the higher the Zinc content, the higher your body’s sex drive. Enjoy!!!


Berry Heaven Recipe


1 large Handful Fresh Strawberries or Raspberries

1/4 Medium Sized Pineapple

100g Low-Fat Live Yoghurt

4 Ice Cubes


Pour all inside a blender and blend. Viola!!! You have a berry heaven smoothie.

Additional Benefits:

Zinc, Vitamin C & E, Iron, Beta Carotene, Patassium, Fibre, Pro Biotics, Folic Acid, Amino Acids, Ellagic Acid, Anti-Oxidants and Natural Sugars


Recipe Credit: “The Juice Master” by Jason Vale

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