How to Clear Acne & Dark Spots on your Skin

How to Clear Acne & Dark Spots on your Skin


Happy new month Kamdora Tribe!! As the festive period draws closer, i decided to show you some natural product that can be used to get that glowing, radiant and beautiful skin you have always dreamt of.

Most times ladies go through a lot trying differnt thing to get a smooth and acne free skin which often times poses to be difficult, so we decided to take it upon ourself to search for the video that will help you get rid of scars and spot once and for all, fortunately we found a video by Beautiful brown baby doll where she talks about how she got rid of her own acnes, that means it is possible.

Some of the natural products used are black soap, shea butter, Lemon essential oil etc. Try to find out what works for your skin and stick to it.

Watch the video below:

Treat your body as a baby because it is a baby *winks*

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