How to Awaken His Sexual Desires – 18+ Only!

How to Awaken His Sexual Desires – 18+ Only!
Black Couple with stagnant sexual life. - Credit
Black Couple with stagnant sexual life. – Credit

Men just can’t help but be aroused by a sexy image such as cleavage, legs or even your naked body. They are driven by what they see and this is something you can use to your advantage to be further desired by your man. Whether you are in a relationship, a newly wedded clueless virgin bride or been married for a while- you need to spice up your sexual relationship. Especially if your sexual life is in little to  no existence, stagnant or you feel stuck in a rut because it has become boring and stale due to life’s pressures. If you are going through any of these, this post is definitely for you.

Take Control Of Your Relationship. - Credit
Take Control Of Your Relationship. – Credit

Find Your Inner Sexiness

You need to bring out your inner sex goddess. You can only act sexy if you feel sexy. Don’t be shy to express your sexual desires in a sexy lingerie, but first, you need to consider yourself sexy. If you feel uncomfortable, why not start by standing in front of a full-length mirror naked and admiring yourself with all your imperfections. Trust me, we all have them. It might be cellulite, stretch marks or even those love handles. Guess what? Your man loves you just the way you are.

I know who I am .. I am a sexy, strong black woman. - Credit
I know who I am .. I am a sexy, strong black woman. – Credit

Study Who You Are

Every woman is different. What turns me on, might be completely different to what turns you on.  Consider wearing sexy lingerie, fabrics such as satin, silk, lace or chiffon, and smelling nice. What type of perfume or cream do you use? Is it sweet, spicy or musky? Your man also has an influence on this. He needs to desire you, not be put off by your old lady scent, dry skin, body odour or smell, smelly/sweaty hair. Hygiene is everything. Why not have a bath and scrub your skin before he shows up if you know you sweat a lot or have had a stressful day. You can also wait for him and have a shower together. Aside from this, you also need to understand yours/his turn on and turn offs. Are you turned on by sensation, feelings or touches? You can only know this by getting physical with yourself. I’m sure you know what I’m trying to say without being explicit about it.

Sexy and Curvy Candice Kelly loving herself. - Credit
Sexy and Curvy Candice Kelly loving herself. – Credit

Love Your Self /Body

Body confidence is such a sexy and attractive weapon to lure your man into desiring you more. Stop telling him about your imperfections or else he will start noticing them too. If you don’t like your fat belly or cellulite thighs, either work at losing weight such as eating healthy/exercising or getting a spa treatment such as colonic irrigation or beauty treatment. To develop body confidence, you actually should be naked more around him either in matching underwear, lingerie, satin/silk dressing robe, skimpy pyjamas or better yet his boxers / t-shirt / shirt. Men love that… trust me.

Revamped: Before & After Makeover - Credit
Revamped: Before & After Makeover – Credit

Revamp Yourself

If your sexual relationship has been stuck in a rut for a while, why not get a makeover. Have a haircut, get your nails done, change your wardrobe. Dress more sexy for him. Let him notice the new you. Remind him of who he fell for. Why not glance at old pictures together. He once desired you, he will soon start desiring you again. Don’t ever get too comfortable, trust me, he has options out there, don’t give him a reason to consider them. It’s time you go on those well deserving date nights. While at the cinema, tease him as much as possible. 

Invite him to join you in the Bath.
Invite him to join you in the Bath. –Credit

Surprise! Surprise!! Surprise!!!

The choice is totally yours, either leave the bathroom door open while you are having your bath; walk around half naked while you are getting dressed; moisturise your skin in a sexy way but ensure you draw his eyes to where you want such as your breast/thighs/bum; or even be half naked while cooking / watching Tv together. Bite your lip while talking to him in a sexy seductive way, stare at him with intent- like you’re undressing him with your eyes but act normal, don’t let him know that’s exactly what you’re doing. Use body language, let your body do the talking. Act all innocent when he asks you. Trust me, his mind is already wandering to all the naughty things he wants to do to you. Keep the momentum going for as long as you can withstand it yourself. Make this a regular occurrence. Or better yet, why not surprise him by dressing up or wearing lingerie while you know he’s coming over to catch him off guard. Put on fragranced/scented candles. Don’t forget to put music on and you can even do a sexy dance for him or dance together while you grinding on him, old school Rnb will do such as R Kelly or Kci and Jojo. Why not turn on the bedroom lights or blindfold him, take control of his body by arousing his body with your smell and touch.

Ask Plenty Questions. - Credit
Ask Plenty Questions. – Credit

Ask Sexual Questions

As I said earlier, every man is different. Don’t just assume you know what turns him on. Why not ask him? Some men get turned on by their nipples being sucked while some don’t. Don’t think because it worked for your previous partner, it will work for him too. You might also be surprised to hear that he prefers you being completely naked around him, rather than wearing sexy lingerie. Or he might dislike your current cream or perfume or even the way you conduct oral sex on him. Just be open minded about it.

Be in the moment with him. - Credit
Be in the moment with him. – Credit

Enjoy! Enjoy!! Enjoy!!!

know many ladies are guilty of this. Don’t just lie there like a log of wood … lol.  Let him know exactly how you feel. Don’t be shy around him, moan or sigh sexy if he is hitting the right spots. This will ginger him to carry go. If you feel like screaming his name during the action, feel free to do so. You are basically letting him know that he’s doing a great job. Before you even start ‘getting down’, why not offer to massage each other with massage oils. This will keep the blood flowing and help in understanding how each others body works. You should also try new sexual positions, there are many images online you can try. Remember Google is your friend.

Black Couple Video Conferencing. - Credit
Black Couple Video Conferencing. – Credit

Leverage on Technology

Why not send him a naughty text/SMS (sexting) while you are away from each other or even in the same house. You can take on different characters by role playing and becoming totally different people. Why not do a video conference with him on Skype, IMO or even WhatsApp while you are half-naked; to build up his appetite before he gets to you.

Pleasure one another.
Pleasure one another.

Introduce Sex Toys

This is such a fun way to bring the mojo into any sexual relationship back. You can get a vibrator which can be used together or even a cock ring. Again remember, you want to enhance your sexual relationship. This will definitely help. You will leave him asking for more. 

We hope after trying these things you will both start smiling more and glowing because you have a happy sexual life. Let us know if this post helps turn things around in your relationship. 

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