How to Lose Weight for A Nigerian Wedding in 30 Days

How to Lose Weight for A Nigerian Wedding in 30 Days
Buff Bride of the Week – Mrs Yetunde Edunjobi

Maybe you’re planning to be a buff bride on your wedding day or part of the bridal party or even a guest at a Nigerian wedding; you might need to lose weight for it. Getting fit will make you “super confident”. We all want to look our best in the wedding dress or outfits with toned thighs, legs, bum, waist, tummy, and arms.  Even family and friends want to look good on the wedding day especially in the midst of people they might not have seen in a while.

By developing a healthy eating and regular exercise regimen it’s possible to lose weight in 30 days. It has been proven that a habit can be broken in 30days with the right motivation and consistency. The key focus area should be healthy eating/snacking; stretching; cardiovascular exercise, and finally strength training.

The below will equip you to look stunning, beautiful, confident and breath-taking on the wedding day. If you’re single, you never can tell, this might just be the place you find Mr Right.

Tone Up Like Uk Based Plus Size Model Philomena Kwao
Tone Up Like Uk Based Plus Size Model Philomena Kwao – Photo Credit

Set a Goal

Weigh yourself first to determine how much weight you want to lose. This will inform you on how strict you need to be on yourself. Be realistic with how much weight you want to lose and consider your physical stamina, remember you only have 1 month. Don’t aim to go for an hour run around your estate or street when you haven’t even walked longer than 10 minutes in a long time.

We couldn't agree more. - Photo Credit
We couldn’t agree more. – Photo Credit

Portion Control

It’s hard to use calorie counting as a weight loss measure for Nigerian foods. The other best alternative is portion control. If you normally eat 4 wraps of fufu, why not reduce it to 2, then 1 wrap when you have successfully reduced your belly size. This also applies to eba, amala, semo, pounded yam and other staple foods. You can also cheat by serving your meal on a smaller plate. Cutting carb out completely will be a better option. However, most Nigerians can’t live without it. We love eating bread, staples and rice.

Healthy eating
Healthy eating – Photo Credit

Don’t Skip Meals

Stay away from a starvation diet. It’s a myth that skipping meals is good for losing weight. It’s actually better to eat at more regular intervals. Instead of eating 3 large meals, why not break it up to 6 times a day including snacking as it increases the speed of your metabolism and rate at which you burn food. Breakfast is a very important meal of the day.

Lean Protein meal - Photo Credit
Lean Protein meal – Photo Credit

Lean Protein

Increase your protein intake. This includes seafood such as Titus/mackerel, horse mackerel popularly known as kote, tilapia, croaker, sardine, catfish, prawn, crabs, lobster; poultry such as chicken, turkey, duck; offal such as tripe, heart, liver, lungs, kidney, intestine, and the lean meat of sheep, goat, and cow. Eating kilishi and suya is allowed. Other good sources of protein are beans, soya, nuts, seeds, eggs, yoghurt, cottage cheese  (wara), tofu and milk.

Stretch Before Every Exercise - Photo Credit
Stretch Before Every Exercise – Photo Credit

Exercise Daily

Exercising for at least 30 minutes daily is a good way to burn calories fast. This can include skipping, fast pace walking, jogging, running, dancing, kickboxing, yoga, swimming and other aerobic exercises. You don’t have to join the gym, but if you are more motivated in the gym, then you should go or join an aerobics class. In order not to get bored of your new exercise regime, it’s best advised to alternate between stretching, cardiovascular exercise, strength and weight training exercises. You need to set a realistic workout plan you will be able to stick to. The aim is to tone up the muscles to showcase your best assets. Why not walk to the local church, supermarket, salon, market and other places less than 30 minutes’ walk from your house instead of driving everywhere. Remember to stretch before starting to exercise. 

Healthy Snack - Photo Credit
Healthy Snack – Photo Credit

Healthy Snacking

Personally, for me, this is one thing I struggle with especially in Nigeria whereby everywhere you look there is a scrumptious street food to snack on. However, if you are really serious about losing weight for the wedding and being able to indulge in the wedding cake, then I advise you snack healthy from now on. Healthy Nigerian snacks include:

Nuts such as groundnut, almond, cashew, tigernut and others which can also be turned into nutritious milk including coconut.

Fruits such as coconut, banana, paw paw, guava, pear, avocado, pineapple, orange, tangerine, watermelon, grapes, cherry, apple, berries, melon, cucumber, mango, soursop almond fruit and others. If you don’t particular enjoy eating fruit, blend it into juice or smoothie.

Vegetables include carrot, pepper, spinach, waterleaf, broccoli, spring onion, onion and others.

These nuts and fruits can either be eaten fresh or while they are dehydrated.

Other healthy snacks include roasted plantain,plantain chips, coconut flakes, cocoyam chips, sweet potato chips, banana chips, kilishi, suya, kokoro, kuli-kuli, dankwa, roasted corn, The general rule is to avoid eating sweet, fried and fatty foods such as pizza, burger, chocolate, ice-cream, pies, pastries, shawarma and others. Stay away from refined white flour products such as puff puff, doughnut, scotch egg, chin chin, biscuit, gala and others.

Drink Fruit Infused Water - Photo Credit
Drink Fruit Infused Water – Photo Credit

Stay Hydrated

Especially now that its Harmattan period in Nigeria, you need to increase the rate at which you drink water. If you took 3 litres daily before including drinking coffee, tea, juices, smoothies and milk; you now need to increase it to at least 4 litres daily. If you don’t like drinking water, you can infuse it with lemon, apple, orange and other fruits. You can also consider Nigerian drinks such as Zobo, Kunu, and Coconut water.  Stay away from Alcohol.

Sleep Well

Whether you’re the bride or family/friends, you still need your beauty sleep to lose weight. You need to sleep at least 7 hours every night. If you deprive yourself of sleep, it will show on your face and body.

Reduce stress level

Anything that will hinder you achieving your weight loss goal might actually trigger your stress level. It can be work, business or relationships. Monitor it, ensure you rest. Find ways to de-stress, such as going out for a movie, listening to music, playing or watching sports, playing an instrument, drawing, reading a book, watching a movie, yoga, prayer, and meditation.

Do it Together. - Photo Credit
Do it Together. – Photo Credit

Get a Weight loss Partner

Do you struggle to motivate yourself to lose weight, why not get your partner, friends and other wedding attendees including the bride to go on this journey with you? It does not have to be boring, you can actually bet who loses the most weight against one another. So everyone maintains the motivation. You can also join or organise a fitness boot camp.

Accountability partner works

We all need the motivation to reach our goal. Why not get the help of your family, friends, partner, colleagues and employees in order to stick to your healthy eating and regular exercise regime while on this journey.

We hope you are able to stick to these tips so you can achieve your weight loss goal for that amazing Nigerian wedding either in Nigeria or outside of Nigeria. 


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