Ankara Styles #218: Diaries

Ankara Styles #218: Diaries

diariesEvery lady needs a style diary where she documents her awesome style moments, thanks to Instagram. Today’s styles are gorgeous from top to bottom because it showcases different new styles.

Take a look at the maxi dress, it’s fits right in! Get the perfect work mode inspo from Tracy Jamila and party hard in a boob-tube overlay top.

See some more styles!

13397637_150229418722498_2075131234_nCredit via Instagram @asoebibella

14597335_148986478899837_1404010734454571008_nCredit via Instagram @olaj_arel

15048223_210805146029021_8122384469337309184_nCredit via Instagram @empress_jamila

15035770_211824192592229_2250981901588234240_nCredit via Instagram @ankarafashionicons

15034867_369956430004747_843864277986050048_nPeace Hyde. Credit via Instagram @peac_hy

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