Pure Beauty From Tope Crystals Hand Made Jewelry!

Pure Beauty From Tope Crystals Hand Made Jewelry!
The fuchsia tassel backdrop earrings finely made and the golden crossbow earring.

Jewelry or accessory comes next after a lovely outfit. I’m sure a typical fashion forward lady knows that. A thumbs up to everyone out there who is appreciating “locally made” products in Nigeria.

I stumbled on Tope Crystal‘s Instagram page and checked out her locally made earrings which come in different forms. The concept is basically simplicity and originality. It’s classic and well crafted to fit it’s purpose.

I love the fuchsia 2-in-1 tassels backdrop earrings and the crossed bow earrings. The fuchsia is perfect for a black tie event and if you are seriously into minimal fashion, the crossed bow earring is perfect for you! The 2-in-1 earrings are deatachable and that makes it special and the crossbow is so easy to wear and saves you the trouble of using a hook.

What do you think of the accessory? Comments below ladies!

Take a look!



How I styled mine.


Tope in her gold crossbow earrings
Olive green inspired 2-in-1-tassels.
Olive green inspired 2-in-1-tassels.

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