Corporate Drapes #347: Stay Focused!

Corporate Drapes #347: Stay Focused!

Being focused can be a big deal sometimes especially with all the distractions that comes our way, but the truth is amidst all these staying focused is possible.

Basic tips on how to remain focused:

Allocate your time deliberately

Do not procrastinate any work or activity

Engage in positive daily rituals

Multitasking kills power to stay focus, so it is better to do one thing at a time

Be mindful to stay in line with your dreams and passion, no matter where you find yourself now, don’t stop chasing your dreams and what you love doing, also what you eventually want to be. Every stage or phase in life is a learning experience and no knowledge gained is useless. 

Have a lovely day darlings! *mwah*

credit image via Instagram @swaggismything

Look 1: Luna looking classy and hawt in her Kimono Cape top!!

credit via Instagram @Agathaashi

Look 2: Agatha understands the rule of staying focused, I love everything about this look.

Prissy savvy
credit via Instagram @prissysavvy

Look 3: Prissy knows how to change the game like a boss lady.

credit via instagram @doppiedoppie
credit via Instagram @doppie

Look 4: Animal print can never go wrong, she looks super chic 

credit via Instagram @whatnickawore
credit via Instagram @whatnickawore

Look 5: Stylish but corporate!! Never fail to impress with a statement shoe.

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Lola Akinkunmi
Lola is a graduate of English Language with an interest in managing people and events. A budding fashionista and an enterpreneur, follow her on Twitter @akinkunmi and on Instagram @Itz_diamondlola.

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