Side Hustle: The Uber Business

Side Hustle: The Uber Business

Side Hustle: The Uber BusinessLooking for a suitable and prospering Side Hustle to start in this harsh economic season, Content contributor; Amanda Etuk has the perfect fit: The Uber Business.

I am one of the most optimistic people you would ever meet, but recent events in our country shook my resolve. I am talking about the economy. You can never catch me say something negative about any situation, and I would try to stick to that.

Anyway with the state of affairs now it is beyond wisdom to be prudent about finances.

In the famous words of MI, ‘Money slow to enter, money quick dey go.’ There are always going to be needs, bills and occasions to spend money. A person is wealthy when the rate at which he or she gets money is faster than how they spend it.

I started thinking of a way to make money on the side then I overheard a conversation between two people at an event about putting their vehicles on Uber and decided to explore the idea. I learned a lot from my research, and I am going to share with you guys.

Steps to becoming an Uber Partner

Honestly, the whole idea of Uber is one of the greatest things to be imported to Nigeria. If you do not know how it works, down load the app on your phone and you can have a driver in a comfortable car pick you from your location in minutes.

Step 1

Is your car sitting idle after dropping the kids at school in the morning or while you are at your desk in the office? Is your car a 2008 or later year car model? If you answered yes to my questions, you have passed the first criteria for Uber.

Step 2

Go on their website and register your details. You would be prompted to book a car inspection at your chosen location.

Step 3

If your car passes the inspection, you would have to do a full comprehensive vehicle insurance which is usually 3.5% of the estimated value of your car.

Step 4

After the above steps, you would need to upload your insurance documents and your inspection report on their website. It would take about 24 hours for the documents to be verified.

Step 5

You can drive the car yourself if available or explore some other options which involve you getting a driver. You can upload pictures of your car on the website to get a driver whom you will negotiate terns with. The most popular ones are weekly rentals of about N40,000 or 20% commission rates for the driver. You can also employ a driver and pay a fixed salary. Note that uber will charge you about 20% what you make. You can monitor your trips and earnings on the Uber partner app.

Step 6

Start earning money.

Honestly, it is an easy and a clean way to make money. The hardest part is finding a good reliable driver.

Good luck

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