How to Create the Perfect Ombre Lips

How to Create the Perfect Ombre Lips
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Ombre means having two different colors that are a monochromatic and content contributor; Doyinsola Fagoyinbo is sharing on how to create the perfect ombre lips.

If applied well, the ombre lip can look great but can also look tacky if not done properly.

To create the perfect ombre lips, the most important tip you need to know is the selection of color.

You should go for two colors that can look good together to create the effect.

To decide your colors, pick one color that is your main lip color.

Then go for a color that is either lighter than your base color or darker than your base color.  But make sure it is similar in tone.

The best ombre lips can be achieved if you use a red lipstick and pair it up with the darkest brown you have.

The key is to use two colors that can be used to create a gradient of color on your lips.


How To Apply:

-First, apply petroleum jelly to moisturize your lips

-Use a light, medium face powder all over your mouth to cancel any pigment.

-Outline your lips with a lip liner.

-Take your time to apply your lip liner and keep the lines as even as possible

-Press your lips together and then blend the lip liner

-Use a matte lip cream on the areas, lightly press your lips together

-Apply concealer on the sides of your lips to clean the area

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