Corporate Drapes #342: Uptown Style

Corporate Drapes #342: Uptown Style

uptown styleThe uptown work chic is characterised by elegance and class. Fashion of high quality, sassiness comes along with it too.

The idea is incorporating these elements in your work style as often as possible to stand out from the rest.

You will thank these styles!

Model. Credit via Instagram @houseofborah

Look 1: Minimal and chic with the detail at the back! Thanks to the tassel heels to complement this look.

Aderonke Adefalujo. Credit via Instagram @therealrhonkefella

Look 2: Matchy in pastel! Loving the way she perfected this look in a fur heel.

Ibironke. Credit via Instagram @laular_1

Look 3: She knows what and what not to wear to stand out!

Davids Amaka. Credit via Instagram @pwetty4u2nv

Look 4: She’s got style!

Credit via Instagram @ankaracatalogue

Look 5:, Ankara inspired work look in an elegant way!

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