What Went Down At Road Chef Burger Tasting Bloggers Event!

What Went Down At Road Chef Burger Tasting Bloggers Event!
What Went Down At Road Chef Burger Tasting Bloggers Event!
The Road Chef Wild West Menu

Last week Saturday, I was invited to the RoadChef burger tasting bloggers event for the launch of two new burgers combination along with other lifestyle bloggers at RoadChef Drive-Thru off Admiralty way.

Meet the Burgers!

This is my first invitation to a bloggers event so far, apart from the ones I organized myself, so I was a bit too excited for this one. As much as I am not a big foodie, I couldn’t miss any opportunity that involves meeting other fellow bloggers.

Oge Agu came too 🙂

The event was programmed for 5PM but trust me, by now I know Nigerians will always apply a Nigerian time then, African time. So, we are looking at people getting to a 5pm event from 6pm upwards. I stuck to Nigerian time, meaning I got there for 5:30pm which I believe isn’t bad at all

roadchef-15-of-44The burgers on the tasting were Mexican Standoff and Texas Ranger. Oops, did I forget to mention we started off with trying out some Prawn-poppers? It’s fried prawn rolled up in noodles which taste absolutely amazing.

The Delicious Prawn-poppers

I started off with Mexican Standoff, but halfway, I jumped on the Texas Rangers. How tasty and yummy even after taking out the bacon (for the record, I don’t eat bacon), I still believe the taste was better than Mexican Standoff.

img_1774Overall, I had fun and had the chance to meet some amazing personalities such as travel blogger Chiamaka from Social Prefect and Rich Tanksley, former head of Pulse Nigeria.

Yours Truly!
Rich Tanksley and Onome with Nosa Omusi
Me again 🙂
A cross section of the bloggers and guests!
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