Healthy Midnight Snacking Ideas

Healthy Midnight Snacking Ideas


In a habit of snacking late at night? Staying up to study/work/catch up on movies? Then READ THIS on healthy midnight snacking ideas by content contributor- Oyinda Ayodele.

Just about anything can keep you up at night and trust me, when you’re at it and your body starts craving some munchies, you’re honestly not alone – it happens to a million and one others too!

Although night snacking is usually tagged detrimental and the reason isn’t farfetched – most midnight snacking/late night eating usually consists of high-calorie fatty foods which trigger weight gain and of course makes a mess of your weight management plan. However, if indulging in healthy food choices, midnight snacking can be of great good to your body.

Sometimes due to poor eating during the day (a very unhealthy act), your body craves food late at night. Enjoying a small portion of a nutritious low-calorie midnight snack will not only give your body the nutrients it seeks but will also rev up your metabolism for the morning ahead.

oyinda-ayodeleWhen considering what to binge on at night, easy-to-digest snacks with little or no calories/fat should be your selection. Here are some great guilt-free ideas you can have on your late-night snack menu.

Got some plain Greek yoghurt? Drizzle with some honey, top it up with a couple of fresh berries and you’re good to go for the night.

Ever thought to make a granola bar yourself? You should! Try this simple homemade healthy goodness and never again will you eat a store-bought one. All you need to do is to puree a handful of dates in a food processor until smooth, then mix with some oats, nuts, chopped chocolate, shredded fresh coconut and dried fruits. Melt some peanut butter in a small pot, add in a bit of honey as well to warm up then pour the mixture over the oats/date mix. Combine thoroughly and pour into a baking pan. Freeze until very firm, remove from pan and cut into bars or squares. That’s it – your homemade granola bar ready for your midnight snacking!

Love to indulge in some ice-cream at night? Why not make some healthy tasty one yourself. Simply throw some frozen bananas into a food processor and pulse for about five minutes. Enjoy your pureed banana ice-cream immediately or keep frozen till when you’re ready. Toppings? A sprinkle of cinnamon or a spread of crushed dark chocolate or maple syrup. You just got yourself some convincing sugar-free alternative to the calorie-loaded packaged one from the store!

Don’t we all love popcorns? Considered to be one of the oldest snacks on earth, popcorns are a healthy indulgence too. Munching on some fat-free, low-salt, sugar-free popcorn while watching a movie or working on your laptop won’t pack some extra pounds around your waistline but give your body some welcomed healthy punch.

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