Corporate Drapes #333: Stella Uzo Taking My Breath Away In Her Work Style!

Corporate Drapes #333: Stella Uzo Taking My Breath Away In Her Work Style!

Stella UzoStella Uzo runs is a style blogger of Jádore Fashion. She loves to look stylish in whatever she wears because style is a form of expression. Stella is “ïn love with unique pieces and details” 

Stella gives us timeless,chic, fun and classic vibes on her Instagram page but these recently she has been posting some really inspiring work looks. She is your inspiration for rocking coloured suits and stylish work outfits. I love the part when she rocked that ruffle skirt and an all black outfit, it was lit!

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14134616_698097680343705_1712926125_nStyle 1: Stella nails this look! She’s wearing her coloured suits and statement shoes!

14063368_353284928335971_111715746_nStyle 2: This look is so timeless! She is wearing a bardot top on a wrap pant (You will get this look if you work in a creative industry)

14295518_1793719400871540_6623524772334534656_nStyle 3: The ruffle skirt tickles my fancy! She nails this look with her statement nude heels!

14309781_1150559811676793_5113554548987789312_nStyle 4: Still on the ruffle matter!

14373988_1780762095534239_771940918855991296_nStyle 5: Who rocks a wrap skirt better than Stella?

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