DIY: How to Make Coconut oil at Home

DIY: How to Make Coconut oil at Home

coconut-oilLearn as content contributor Mojisola Yewande takes us the process of making Coconut oil by yourself.

Coconut oil is extracted from the meat of mature coconuts and it is beneficial for the hair, skin and also food.

It is quite expensive to buy and this is probably because the oil making process is long and produces a low yield.  If you prefer to buy the oil from the makers, that’s fine but if you are like me and prefer to make it yourself; here is one way to make coconut oil.

There are 3 major ways to make coconut oil from coconuts and they are:

  1. Cold press method
  2. Wet mill method
  3. Boiling method

But we will be focusing on the boiling method.


  • Coconuts
  • Blender


1. Bring a little water to the boil

2. Break your coconuts and extract the meat

3. Cut the coconut meat into small pieces, add a little warm-to-hot water and blend

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4. Using a fine mesh strainer or a cheese cloth, drain the ground coconut liquid into a bowl, add a little warm water to rinse the coconut in the sieve; you may need to squeeze the cloth to get the excess milk out

5. Cover the milk in the bowl with a cloth or other bowl and let it sit for a while (you could place in the refrigerator overnight if you are not in a rush)

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6. After a few minutes (or the next day), you would notice the coconut liquid settling down leaving a whitish thick residue at the top

7. Using a serving spoon, gently lift the solidified portion at the top and transfer into a clean pot. Don’t worry if a little liquid is mixed with it.

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8. Place the pot on the burner and cook, while stirring at intervals

9. You will start noticing the water evaporating and the cream turning to brown.

10. When the oil is completely separated and the cream is completely brown; put off the heat, allow to cool and then sieve

Voila! You have got your coconut oil; you can use it in cooking, or for your body or hair

Things to consider

  1. 8 regular-sized coconuts will yield about 200ml of coconut oil
  2. You could use a regular cloth sieve similar to the one you use for pap preparation in place of a mesh strainer in step 3
  3. Step 7-8 may take an hour or more, so be patient and keep stirring
  4. Using hot water to blend and sieve the coconut will produce a little more yield than if you had used lukewarm water
  5. You can use the leftover water from step 6 to cook coconut rice or any other recipe that requires coconut milk

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