Corporate Drapes #323: Staples!

Corporate Drapes #323: Staples!


There are so many work staples that can’t be ignored. It changes over time but from time to time, you can always rock them or revamp them.

My top work staples are;

  1. A crisp white shirt: Take it or leave it, there are days we need to shine on in a crisp white shirt just because it matches with almost colour. The key to wearing a white shirt depends largely on what you want. e.g, Matching your white shirt with a yellow pant or other loud colours gives you a more sharp look in appearance. The wrong accessory might ruin everything vice-versa.
  2. Midi dresses: When you want to go versatile from meetings to meetings, your midi dresses are perfect to match with two shades of blazers or fitted jackets. For “happy hour” but still in the corporate mood, a kimono (floral or print) would do just the magic.
  3. Blazers / Jackets: I call the “accomplice”. Blazers or fitted jackets are your trademark for seriousness. It hides many flaws. A blazer can transform your simple dresses into something very serious. Just know how to use the trick!
  4. Wrap pants, Flared Pants etc: Very statement pieces can come in different colours. These babies can make your look attract special attention. The secret is styling properly. Less is more when it comes to wrap pants.
  5. A high waist midi skirt: It’s absolutely one of my best! I love the structure it gives your look and trust me, a high waist midi makes you conscious of your walk.
Credit via Instagram @ogo__

Look 1: Ogo styles her midi with a crisp white shirt and she is killing this look with statement bag and shoes.

Empress Jamila. Credit via Instagram @stylebytrey

Look 2: Add a nude blazer to this look to switch personalities!

Ladapo Busayo. Credit via Instagram @thatdynamitechick

Look 3: Blazers do the trick! It also brings out the “she-boss” in you!

Credit via Instagram @pplwithclass

Look 4: Statement pants don’t lie!

Credit via Instagram @churchandfly

Look 5: High waist pants on are super chic. Finish off the look on a sky high heels and accessory!

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