Hijab And Turban Styles #47: Less Is More!

Hijab And Turban Styles #47: Less Is More!

less is moreYou don’t have to be all materialistic to look pretty, less is always more when it comes to style. Being stylish is easier than we think. It’s because we think of ourselves “highly”than others that is probably why we go for expensive stuff (not like it’s bad to, but we shouldn’t make it a necessity)

Being stylish is originality! Dress in a decent manner, very stylish and classy too. Combine your colours properly and voila! you are good to go!

Check our stylish sisters!

Hodan Yusuf. Credit via Instagram @cheeseandxlawo

Look 1: Hodan is very stylish in her outfit. She has a two-toned abaya layered on a top and long skirt. She matches her hijab with the colour of her skirt.

Summer Albacha. Credit via Instagram @summeralbacha

Look 2: Summer layering style is exquisite! It’s so much beauty mixing and layering up fabrics to come out with a new look!

Credit via Instagram @leloquente

Look 3: This look is simple and stylish. An all black look with a statement platform shoes will bring out a different look.

Credit via Instagram @hebaalyn

Look 4: A long black Ja labia with a red hijab to make a statement.

Credit via Instagram @veronacollection

Look 5: White never gets old! She’s wearing a white Georgette maxi cardigan paired with the dusty rose georgette hijab.


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