IJGB: Exploring Nigerian Fashion Brand- April By Kunbi

IJGB: Exploring Nigerian Fashion Brand- April By Kunbi

_dsc0288Today’s brand review is on April by Kunbi, founded by designer Olakunbi Tomori who graduated from the famous Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. 

The Nigerian favorite fashion brand April by Kunbi is a ready to wear premium designs founded in the Spring of 2010 for women who prioritize perfect fit, unique and functional pieces.



_dsc0279April by Kunbi brand launched in the month of April 2010 and ever since then, its philosophies has remained the same: “Freshness, newness, and color.”

The brand is continuously growing with new designs both ready-made or custom pieces. April by Kunbi aims to be the one-stop fashion and lifestyle store covering everything from bridal wears, dinner and cocktail wear to casual outfits such as sleepwear, footwear, accessories and lingerie.

April by Kunbi has been on my list for a while, and I promised myself to pay a visit to the store to see all these dresses making a buzz on top Nigerian social media platforms in real time.

_dsc0283Stepping into the store with a warm welcoming already assured me of a splendid time. As usual, holding my big camera, I introduced myself and IJGB project briefly just to assure them I am not a freak walking around the store taking pictures of products. I always like to present myself because it’s awkward someone walking into your store, looking around and snapping, I mean come on, think about it too.

Remember the brand philosophies? Freshness, newness, and color. The pieces were colorful with a unique and well-tailored cut. The fabrics feel so soft and look like a dress you wouldn’t mind spending the whole day wearing. 

Also, I give kudos to how clean and well arranged the store was. The colors were well coordinated and placed you would have to stop yourself from falling in love with every range.





If you ever find yourself in this beautiful country of mine called Nigeria and would like to patronize a made-in-Nigeria brand either to pick up a piece for your cousin’s wedding or dad’s 70th birthday? 

Well, you need to visit this store and you might have a second thought between that Oyinbo brand Nigerian home-made brand. Just saying, until next week Wednesday.


Maryam Salam
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