Don’t Be With a Man You Can’t Keep It Real With

Don’t Be With a Man You Can’t Keep It Real With

Steve Harris: Don't Be With a Man You Can't Keep It Real WithOne thing that most relationships lack is AUTHENTICITY.

Sure, at the beginning of the relationship, everyone’s on their best behaviour.

You’re both auditioning for what could potentially be the most important role in your life; SPOUSE.

After a while, we begin to believe that the image we project is actually who we are.

And before you know it, hairline cracks start to appear.

Allow me to sound a tad spiritual; It wasn’t Delilah’s ASSets or lips, hips and fingertips that kept Samson with her, even when he knew she was trying to kill him.

It was the fact that he could be HIMSELF with her.

He didn’t need to be Samson, the JUDGE of Israel…He didn’t have to be Samson, Lion Killer.

He didn’t have to be Samson, Philistine destroyer.

He Could Just Be Sam!…And that’s why he couldn’t let Delilah go.

Don’t be with a man you can’t keep it real with, don’t be with a man who can’t make you laugh. Be with a man who loves you just the way you are

Even When Your Shit Stinks.

Steve Harris

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