Daily Inspiration: Are You Thankful?

Daily Inspiration: Are You Thankful?

Are you thankfulBe thankful for even the least things you have! Many don’t know the power of being thankful, they totally ignore it. Be thankful for everything in life and by being thankful, you put yourself in the position of receiving more. What’s funny is that what you have that you aren’t grateful or thankful for is what someone else would give up anything to have, That’s the irony of life!

You need to know that God’s got you!

Be thankful! as long as you have breath in you know that you would get your heart desires and the more unthankful you are, the less you realise that you haven’t lived well. Everything you want and desire would come just go for it, faith it till you make it and be thankful for it. You never know that someone somewhere really wants what you are not thankful for!

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