Corp[orate Drapes #319: A Sneak Peek Into Folake Huntoon’s Work Style!

Corp[orate Drapes #319: A Sneak Peek Into Folake Huntoon’s Work Style!

folake-huntoonFolake Huntoon is a Nigerian fashion blogger of Style Pantry, a mother of three kids and undeniably stylish. Her style is the classic, chic and quite androgynous. She is known for her signature small waist, slim and smooth skin and of course her curly or Afro hair.

It gives me so much pleasure to share with you some of her selected work style pictures on her Instagram page to get some style inspiration and these few (definitely not enough) are some of my best looks!

Let’s dive in!


Style 1: Folake style here looks so classy and chic. She’s wearing a crisp white ruffle shirt and high waist pants. Look at the edge of the pockets, it has an orange colour to it. This look in total is smart, sharp and well combined!

13649306_947380295373832_1665646237_nStyle 2: White does magic to your look! Another faux white wrap top matched with a high waist midi, animal print skirt. I love the nude shoes matching this look!

13774385_151867495237341_822546853_nStyle 3: Once in a while, we have the denim days at work. Folake still keeps it corporate with her blazer layered on the shirt and matched with a slim fit denim jeans. It gives a corporate casual look well certified.

14272130_1091997167547311_621529256_nStyle 4: Stylish but still “corporately” accepted! Watch how she styles her dress shirt on a white slim fit zipped jeans and a matching court heels.

14334632_1774286519521300_136770288_nStyle 5: This style is to die for! I love everything about this look! So laid back but she keeps it classy, chic and still in the corporate mode. For more strictness, the unbuttoned part should be buttoned properly and voila!

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