So We Are Official, Now What?

So We Are Official, Now What?

So We Are Official, Now What?

You see this thing called patience? It truly is a virtue. 

So I set out to my friend, Ayo’s house and halfway there, I saw the ‘go slow’ ahead. Sharply, I turned onto the bridge few meters away and drove down an alternate route, big mistake brethren. The traffic on the alternate route was one for the gods, and I didn’t even have the option of turning back.

To make matters worse, the sun came out in her full glory, and my air conditioner was no match for her. Forty-five minutes later (at least thirty more minutes than I would have spent on my original route), I was at Ayo’s door, an irritated look on my face and sweating from every pore. After pacifying me with a bowl of vanilla ice cream, he announced with a huge grin on his face, ‘Mide has finally accepted my offer; we are now official!

After a celebratory shoki, he sat down with a grave look on his face. ‘So, I’ve been thinking, what am I supposed to do now? Will things change between us? How am I expected to act? Are there things I’m meant to do, and others I’m supposed to avoid? How do I act around other girls, both old friends and new ones I’ll meet? Should I hold her hand when we go out? What should I expect from her? You know she’s my first girlfriend, so I want to be her best.

Despite the seriousness of his facial expression, I burst out in laughter. You see, Ayo is as smart as they come; he’s a Software Engineer and is knowledgeable about almost every subject under the sun, but, he’s as clueless as a day-old baby when it comes to women. He just doesn’t understand women, and if you’re wondering how he manages to relate with me, we’re practically family: we grew up climbing trees and working Math problems together. 

After considering his questions, I told him that he would have to work out the dynamics of his relationship with his partner as no two relationships are the same and for the relationship ‘don’ts’, my general rule is ‘Don’t do to your boo what you won’t like your boo to do to you’.

I found myself laughing at the memory of his expression as I drove home and I pondered over his questions. Is there a rule book for relationships? Is there a prescribed way to act towards your partner when your relationship becomes official? Do you have a list of relationship dos and don’ts? How do you communicate this to your spouse? 

Please share your thoughts and experiences in the comment section below.

Chioma Chukwu
Chioma Chukwu is an MSc Environmental Health graduate of UWE, Bristol. Constantly trying to learn about her world, you’ll often catch her reading a book in her spare time or having an interesting conversation. Fried plantain and eggs, and new episodes of The Big Bang Theory are the surest ways to her heart. She blogs at:

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