Daily Inspiration: Is This Love?

Daily Inspiration: Is This Love?

is this love?Everyone longs to be loved at some point in life. No one wants to be lonely even Robin Crusoe would regret ever been alone for that long. It is understandable that we get into relationships because of pressure, people always poking their noses into your private life and you get vulnerable sometimes. 

14280479_101014213694164_362380687_nIt’s OKAY! But when things aren’t in shape, when he never speaks the truth, when he hits you, he gets drunk, he becomes a baby daddy without your knowledge, you need to ask yourself if what you are in is LOVE?.

If he loves you he would protect you, support you, be loyal, be proud to introduce you to his friends, adore you etc. You need to start asking yourself basic questions to know where you stand.

P.s This should be vice-versa. Hope this inspires you!

Vickie O.
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