Corporate Drapes #313: No Excuses!

Corporate Drapes #313: No Excuses!

corporate-drapesExcuses aren’t allowed in the work environment. You must be perfect, even if you need extra help you definitely have to be smart about it.

When it comes to dressing for work, some flimsy excuses like having panty lines, blood stains, ripped top or wearing an outfit that has a whole should not be excused at all. You have to be perfect and get enough back up to sustain you so you don’t get queried.

Here are some style ideas for work!

Victoria Beckham (Credit via Instagram @victoriabeckham)

Look 1: Victoria is just a perfect example of perfection in style. Her style is to die for and her outfit is stylish and very corporate.

Credit via Instagram @workwearfashion

Look 2: Black may cover some stains but it’s no excuse to hide some of the stains wearing black. I love her outfit and she’s layering her black dress with a colourful jacket.

Credit via Instagram @charitybaatise

Look 3: Charity is gorgeous and playful in her tulle skirt matched with a blazer.

Credit via Instagram @glamourpl

Look 4: Stripes are always classy for corporate wears. I love the gladiator shoes and the sunglasses look great on her.

Mimi Onolaja (Credit via Instagram @mimionolaja)

Look 5: Mimi is super cool in corporate wear. I love what she is wearing. There are no excuses for imperfection.

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