Should You Display Your Workplace Name on Your Social Media Bio?

Should You Display Your Workplace Name on Your Social Media Bio?


I was on Twitter the other day and saw a series of tweets talking about how a guy was fired from his job for tweeting that he hated his job. After the tweet got to his employer he was taken off the company’s payroll the next morning. This is sad stuff considering how bad the economy is right now and how difficult getting a new job probably is.

That aside one of the arguments I saw on that thread was an agreement by a few persons to avoid putting up your workplace name or description on social media. Someone even added that they had blocked their employer just in case.

In my humble opinion, it depends on who you are and what you put out as posts or tweets on the platforms you are on. Which is why it is important to have a positive social media brand. Because some people can’t risk such as the above happening to them, they avoid using their real name and photo on a platform like Twitter.workplace

If you are conscious of the perception you create online, you would only post carefully crafted content online without any concern for coming off as negative. Folks who hide their workplace name, their photos or real name from social media know that because of the type of material they post, they wouldn’t want to be found out.

Some folks have another account apart from their real one, where they can let their alter-ego play out.

But that is not how the world works anymore. There is no hiding place for anyone putting into consideration how people are good at fishing things out.

But I also have an alternative argument for why you should not put up your workplace name. Be that as it may, even though you avoid posting incriminatory material, some people would still go ahead to spread wrong and untrue information about you. But if you are certain of your integrity standing up for you, then it’s fine.

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